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Our Services

We offer trekking tours on Mt. Cameroon. You can discover the beauty of the Mongo ma Loba (Another Mt. Cameroon's name in the local language) in one day, two days, three days or four days.

Our experienced guides and porters make sure you enjoy your  expedition on the highest  West and Central Africa's mountain (4095 m).

We are renting clean and confortable camping equipment. Basically, you will need a tent with a capacity of 2 persons, a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat for 1 person. You can bring your own camping equipment. We also place clean disches at your disposal and our guides and porters are very good cooks.

In general, our visitors will go to the local market with the guide and buy fresh food that will be cooked during the tour. It's time to bargain where possible and exchange with the retailers. We suggest menus such as rice and groundnuts sauce, spaghetti and tomatoes sauce. These are delicious and energetic meals that will keep you fit and strong during the tour. Would you like to taste the kwakoko? This is a typical local food which our guides and porters eat for breakfast.

If you need a place where you will spend the night before the tour, don't hesitate to contact us. There are guesthouses and hotels in Buea with moderate prices that range from 3,000 FCFA (€4,57) to 26,000FCFA (€39,63) per overnight stay.