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About Mount Cameroon Trekking

Mount Cameroon Trekking is an initiative by Pro Climate International, a local NGO based in Buea-Cameroon.  It aims at promoting sustainable tourism and reducing poverty in the Mt. Cameroon region. We live adjacent to one of the world’s biodiversity hot spot and our contribution to its protection is to offer you well organized and nature friendly trekking tours in and around the Mount Cameroon National Park.

Since 2008, we are working to increase the number of visitors and make trekking tours on Mt. Cameroon more professional. Through our actions, we have contributed to the improvement of the working conditions of guides and porters in the region. Amongst all Mt. Cameroon tour organizers in Buea, we offer the highest wage to our guides and porters and we have first class camping equipment which is regularly cleaned up. You will enjoy your outdoor activities with us.